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Referral Contest Till 250 Players!!!

From now till 250 players there is a referral contest.

The one with the most referrals when we hit 250 players will win 25 euro PayPal cash.

I will use the statistics page, So the number one on that page in the tab referrals will win the cash.

When i see that we hit 250 players i will make a screenshot of that tab and place it in the forum.

So it can happen that we have a winner at 275 players because i didnt came online since 250 players.

Since that can happen it can also happen that between 250 players and the moment i see it the winner has changed because number 2 got more.

I dont think above will happen but you have to know that when it happends i cant do anything about that.

Good luck, And let the best promoter win.